BlackBerry Storm 3 details emerge, BlackBerry OS 6 WebKit browser gets tested

A slide detailing some specs of the upcoming BlackBerry Storm 3 has leaked.

The Storm 3 is set to be a rather minor refresh of the Storm 2, so don’t expect anything too groundbreaking. The most important changes won’t be in hardware, but in software, as it will be running BlackBerry OS 6.

The Storm 3 will double the Storm 2’s amount of RAM to 512 MB, the camera will be 5 Megapixels compared to 3.15. Also, the new Storm will come with WiFi 802.11 n support.

3G mobile hotspot functionality will also be coming to the Storm 3 at some point. It’s not clear whether it will launch with this functionality built-in or will get it via software update.

According to the leaked slide, the release will happen in a month ending in “ember”, so that can be September, November or December.

BlackBerry OS 6 will feature a fully reworked browser, this time based on WebKit (the same engine that powers the iOS, Android and Symbian browsers), and the first tests indicate that it will be a very worthy competitor in this space.

The video comparing its performance to that of the Android 2.1 browser and the iOS browser has sadly been taken down by YouTube but we do know that it got the highest score in the HTML5 test.

As you can see, the BB OS 6 browser scored 208, whereas the iOS browser scored 185 and the Android 2.1 browser got 151.

No comparisons were made with the Android 2.2 browser, which may score a lot better than its predecessor, but still, this seems to be a very impressive effort from RIM.

And it was about time too, since for too long their browser lagged behind the competition in every conceivable way.

Via Engadget and Salomondrin

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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