France: Samsung Galaxy S to get Froyo in September

The Samsung Galaxy S is undoubtedly selling very well, having recently passed 1 million sold globally and 300,000 in South Korea alone.

It did however launch with Android 2.1 on board, so the question everyone wants to know the answer to right now is when will it get Android 2.2 Froyo.

We already know that it will happen in August in Korea.

Now a spokesperson for Samsung France has said that the update to Froyo is scheduled to take place in September in France. Whether only phones bought in France will get the update in September is unclear.

Unlike the Korean version of the Galaxy S, or the countless variations of it for America, the Galaxy S that is sold in France is the international version, so this could mean that even if you haven’t bought your phone in France, there’s a small chance you might see Android 2.2 on the Samsung Galaxy S in September.

The Galaxy S has been available in France from the beginning of July, and, if you go for a new contract, can be yours for as low as €29 on Virgin Mobile (after a €100 rebate) or €49 on SFR.

Hopefully all the versions of the Galaxy S will get Froyo as soon as possible, since if they delay it past September, Google might have already launched the next version of Android by the time Samsung releases 2.2 for the Galaxy S. And that may be just a little bit annoying for those who bought Samsung’s flagship smartphone.

Via Les Mobiles

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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