AT&T to get 8 million Windows Phone 7 handsets? Don’t think so

Since AT&T is among the mobile operators that will launch WP7 devices first (sometime before the end of this year), the company probably already has concrete plans regarding Microsoft’s new platform.

A big part of the plan seems to be this: AT&T may have “signed up for 8 million WP7 devices” – that’s according to Michael Gartenberg (Altimeter Group analyst and well-known blogger).

Could this be accurate? I mean, how long would it take AT&T to sell 8 million Windows Phone 7 devices? Especially since it also offers the iPhone and some really attractive Android smartphones (like the Samsung Captivate Galaxy S). I don’t think it can sell that many units in less than 1 year – and to “sign up” for them before knowing how the market will receive WP7 is simply not wise.

Anyway, speaking of WP 7 and Microsoft, here’s an interesing tweet from Zdnet’s Mary Jo Foley that reads:

Every single Microsoft employee will get a Windows Phone 7.

It’s not been specified if that’s every employee from the US only, or worldwide. In the latter case, Microsoft will have to give away more than 90,000 WP7 devices – that would make it a really generous company, right?

Via SlashGear

Author: Florin

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