WebOS 2.0 will come this year

Former Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, now at HP, following HP’s acquisition of Palm, mentioned in an interview with Fortune that WebOS 2.0 is on track for “later this year”.

If I were a betting man, I’d say Q4 is the magic time of the year when we’ll actually see its release.

Rubinstein also said that they’re “aggressively” developing new hardware, that will presumably run the new version of WebOS.

What hardware, we can only speculate on. But clearly the main focus of WebOS under HP will be as a tablet OS, what with them indefinitely delaying their Android tablet and all.

There may also be a smartphone in the making, but don’t hold your breath. HP’s CEO did state that they haven’t bought Palm to be in the smartphone business. And sure, he might have retracted that afterwards, but I don’t think there’s any doubt that there was at least some truth in his initial statement.

Anyway, as I keep saying, the fourth quarter of this year (and especially December) looks like a very busy time indeed for electronics manufacturers. Expect many Android tablets and perhaps that elusive new and exciting WebOS-powered hardware to enter your life.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Kelvin

    2010, a VERY VERY boring year for phones if I have to be honest. Nothing new or exciting, don't bring up the android crap and the failiure that is the Iphone 4, so many xpectations yet these lazy manufacturers aren't thinking big. Social networking, widgets, sense, DOES NOT CUT THE MUSTARD. Show us something new, a concept not yet done, I don't give two hoots about social networks or accelorometers, they've been done to death. Suggestions:

    A move away from 8mp cameras which is so 2008, improve display and push it up the 15mp for 2011.
    1080p hd video capture and playback, 2-2.5 ghz, 1GB of RAM, ideally have a 1,260×480 screen res, plus introduce a Nokia communicator-like style with dual capcititve touchscreens with virtual sense buttons, not physical buttons. One screen being 4.5 inches, the other screen being 4.8-5.0 inches wide. COMPLETELY REVAMP the USER INTERFACE experience, sorry, but HTC Sense and Samsung's Multi homescreen is TIRED/STALE, DULL and needs binning already. Android's Interface looks like it was designed by 2 year olds, no thought put in whatsoever.

    Meego has potential and isn't hyped to the extreme like Android, but until then the best looking interface will be Web OS, very practical and easy to use and gorgeous eye candy, web os.20 is where it's at. However the sadists at HP don't see the market for Smartphones, taking the philistine approach and opting for the clumsy tablet, dictated by that scummy company known as Apple. I swear, it's like one company dictates the mood for the competitors, NO originality whatsoever, go back to the board and come up with something fresh and stop with the ''My d*** is bigger than yours'' BS. Think about the consumer, give him/her a REASON to want to buy you for the LONG TERM as a sustainable product, future proof your devices but make it tech saavy with specs that are good enough for 2012. A lot of the smartphones we are seeing today are very average and run of the mill, NOT good enougn for 2010.