LG can’t make enough displays for Apple’s iPad

The iPad is selling like hot cakes since launch – more than 3.3 million units have been shipped until now in markets around the world. And Apple would’ve sold even more, if it weren’t for a problem that now plagues both the smartphone and tablet market: component shortages.

In the iPad’s case (like in the case of the HTC Droid Incredible), the component that’s causing trouble is the display – made for Apple by LG Display Co.

The South Korean company is currently unable to produce as many flat-panel displays as Apple is ordering, so iPad global sales have slowed down.

LG says it will be able to meet the high demand flawlessly “by the second quarter of next year.”

Moreover, the company plans to invest about $512 million in a new production line that should be ready to make displays for iPad and similar products starting Q4 2011. Until then, iPad demand will likely exceed production capacity, especially since Apple plans to introduce the tablet in lots of other countries around the world.

Via Wall Street Journal

Author: Florin

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