Vodafone cancels its 360 line of handsets, including the H2

It seems to be product line cancellation season. Microsoft did it to the Kin phones, and now Vodafone announced it won’t be releasing any more “360” phones.

The 360 services suite however will continue to exist, they just won’t be making any more 360-branded handsets. The cancellation includes the H2, which was supposed to be launched in a very short while.

Vodafone will concentrate all its 360 efforts on services from now on, and they will be made available for all major mobile platforms as soon as possible.

Right now the 360 services are available for over 100 handsets on 5 different platforms, and the pace of development will become even more alert.

The 360 services consist of a myriad of applications, including a connected phone book, social networking, maps and turn-by-turn navigation. You can also share your photos and favorite places, buy music, games and apps from a dedicated shop and create a personalized browser homepage.

Focusing only on the service side of 360 seems to make sense, since the previously released 360 handsets, the H1 and M1 were probably not selling very well. Hence the decision to cancel further phones. What is rather strange is how late in the development of the H2 they chose to pull the plug.

Anyway, the Vodafone 360 H2 is no more. Also, LiMo just shrinked its market share even more (if that was even possible).

This proves that competing in the smartphone OS space, especially for new entrants, is very tough. Let’s see if Samsung’s Bada will have a different fate.

Via Mobile Industry Review

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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