Apple cancels waiting lists for iPad and iPhone 4

This past weekend, Apple stores have sold more iPads and iPhones than usual to people that were on the waiting lists for those devices.

Anything between 1,000 and 2,000 sales per store were made this way, with Apple emailing the people who had registered to buy and letting them know to come and pick their device(s) up.

However, it appears that from now on, there will be no more waiting lists. Furthermore, even those that were already created have been scrapped.

This means that even if you were on a waiting list, you shouldn’t count on Apple contacting you when they’ve got your device in stock. You should just walk in to an Apple store and buy whatever it is you need.

This is now, apart from ordering online, the only way to buy an iPad or iPhone.

It seems likely that issues with the systems having to handle too many reservations are to blame, but, one way or the other, there’s no more priority for those in the waiting lists.


Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • dave

    wow i have been waiting like an idiot what do you advise me best? to order of apple or at&t because every place i call never has iphones?

  • App developers

    The same problem Dave. I wanted to buy iPhone as a present for my sister and was in the waiting list. The stores I called are also empty. Just don't know what to do now.(
    Cheers, Ann

  • Steve

    Even if you do order online, there's no definite (or even vague) date that you might receive it…

  • Kilari

    Buy your sister a Samsung Captivate. She'll thank you for it once she realizes you saved her from copious amounts of Apple Anal Rape. A.A.R. is a big problem these days many more of our friends and neighbors are falling prey to it everyday. The most appalling is the S.T.D. the A.A.R. leaves in it's victim. The victim actually starts thanking Apple for the abuse in some form of Stockholm Syndrome. Please Captivate, do it for all our futures.

  • Kilari

    I advise you to buy something called Android in light of Apple douchebaggery.