Citi iPhone app stored user data in hidden files, now fixed

The Citi iPhone app allows customers to see their account and credit card balances, pay bills and transfer money, and helps them locate nearby ATMs.

It has been discovered that the application used to store sensitive account information in hidden files on the iPhone and computers that had been synced with an iPhone that had it installed.

The hidden files were logging account numbers and bill payment information.

This created a security risk: the data could potentially be accessed using malicious software.

Citigroup however have acted quickly and a new version of the app is already available in the App Store. This new version will immediately delete all the user data that was stored by previous versions.

Citigroup officials say that they have absolutely no reason to believe that anyone’s data has been used inappropriately, and their quick fixing of the app will ensure that it doesn’t happen in the future.

This could have turned into a very big problem, but thankfully it hasn’t.

Citigroup is contacting the app’s users directly to inform them of the situation, and it goes without saying that if you have the Citi app you should update right away.

Via AP and Reuters

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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