Nokia Ovi Browser in the making?

It seems that Nokia is getting ready to introduce a new Ovi-branded product – and this time it’s not about Maps or Mail or Music, but about a browser.

What kind of browser? Well, we don’t know at the moment, because Nokia has yet to announce anything about this. And yet, CJ has found that Nokia set up download pages for the so-called Ovi Browser, both at the Beta Labs website and at the Ovi website (neither of them is functional, though).

There’s also an Ovi Browser Twitter account that’s followed by the Ovi Daily App Team.

this is he old Web Browser for Nokia S60

Ovi Browser may be a general name for all new Nokia browsers included in Symbian, Maemo and MeeGo. Or maybe it’s just for Symbian? Another guess: it’s both a mobile and a desktop browser (although I doubt Nokia wants to enter the desktop browser market). What do you think it could be?

Author: Florin

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  • Flavio

    All Nokia phones have a browser developed by Nokia, so it may simply be a name change for the next versions!

  • John

    Its going to be cross-platform, powered by Qt.

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