Here’s the most complete Windows Phone 7 walkthrough yet

Microsoft is hard at work on Windows Phone 7, their next-gen mobile operating system. That much we know. Windows Phone 7 is due out in October, with handsets running it to follow right after that.

Of course, we’ve seen bits and glimpses of the Windows Phone 7 experience before, but never in such detail.

Greg Sullivan, a Senior Product Manager for Windows Phone at Microsoft has done the most comprehensive demo of the new mobile OS to date.

Important bits include the fact that OEMs will be able to customize the UI only to a certain (limited) extent. For example, skinning the whole interface will be impossible, but they can add their own hubs. The basic point here is that OEMs are free to add functionality where they feel that’s needed, but can’t outright replace anything.

It will be interesting to see how the likes of HTC will deal with these Microsoft-imposed limitations. They’ve gotten used to putting their highly-customized Sense UI on all the phones they make, and in this case the customizations they do make may have to be a lot less flashy than that.

Then again, the whole custom UI craze was originally a response to Windows Mobile’s archaic looks. Perhaps in a very modern OS like Windows Phone 7 the need for these experiences is not felt at all.

Anyway, here’s Greg Sullivan walking you through Windows Phone 7:

Looks interesting. October can’t come soon enough, that’s for sure.

Via Via PocketNow

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Lollipops

    Microsoft have actually created something that is pretty decent and unique from iOS and Android!!!
    I love how you can search (by voice recognition) for a place to eat, then get directions and contact details without ever leaving the application. How many steps would you have to perform to do this on iOS or Android?

  • Zabih J

    microsoft, things looks promising with WP7. now all u need to focus on is for HTC, Samsung and other manufacturers to properly follow your guidelines and not fu0000k up. just like e apple, try on design factor, one charger so other companies easily focus on your operating system handesets and leave iphone for good. the more mobile choice variety the less ppl will buy.