HTC Incredible, Motorola Droid and Droid X to get Android 2.2 Froyo starting August 6?

Verizon’s current high-end Android smartphones (Motorola Droid, Motorola Droid X and HTC Droid Incredible) might be updated to Android 2.2 Froyo at the same time.

According to Android Spin, a “Verizon tipster” has it that the three handsets will get Froyo starting August 6, with updates expected to reach all users by August 15.

Verizon has not officially confirmed this yet, so don’t be mad at us if your Droid will actually get Froyo later than August 15.

If all this turns out to be true, then the Motorola Droid 2 (slated to arrive at Verizon on August 23) will likely be launched with Froyo on-board from the beginning, as rumored.

Author: Florin

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