How to flash the leaked Android 2.2 Froyo builds for the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

The folks over at Samsung Firmwares have gotten their hands on the first two builds of Froyo for the Galaxy S. The international, i9000 version of Samsung’s flagship smartphone, that is.

Now these are not custom ROMs or anything like that. These are firmware versions made by Samsung, that might at some point be released officially. Or not, as development of Froyo for the Galaxy S continues.

These firmware versions may contain bugs and all that, but since they’re the first ones ever made, that is to be expected.

These firmwares are for European Galaxy S devices.

Flashing guide


  • Doing this may void your warranty and/or brick your phone. We are not responsible for such events in any way. Only proceed at your own risk and if you absolutely know what you’re doing.
  • This will completely wipe your phone’s ROM. So make sure you backup your data and applications before you engage in this activity.
  • I haven’t flashed a Galaxy S using this method, since I’ve yet to get my hands on one. However, the procedure is based on Samsung Firmwares’ own PDF instructions available here, just made more clear. I have flashed my own Samsung Galaxy Spica using these exact steps and everything went perfectly fine in Windows XP.
  • Flashing is reported to work best when using Windows XP. This is my experience too, so if something doesn’t work as it should and you’re using Vista or 7, that may be the reason.

Before you start:

  • You need to have an unlocked phone.
  • You also need to have Samsung’s New PC Studio installed before you do anything. Get that from your local Samsung support site (search for i9000 and go to Software). Install it, then reboot. This is needed so that proper hardware drivers for the i9000 are installed on your system. Then make sure you’ve closed all processes that it has opened (use Task Manager). Open processes started by Samsung’s PC software will interfere with the flashing.

If you’re ready…

  1. Download the prerequisites that you can find here. The firmware (I9000XXJP1 or I9000XXJP2), the 512 PIT file, and the flash program.
  2. Now unpack the firmware file. The password is “” (without the quotation marks). You’ll get a bunch of .tar files. DO NOT unpack those.
  3. Unpack and run Odin, the flash application. (In Vista or 7, it’s best to right-click the Odin executable and choose “Run as Administrator”)
  4. Now select each file you got from the firmware archive in Odin in its appropriate category. For PDA, select the .tar file that has “PDA” in it. For CSC, select the file that has “CSC” in it. For PHONE, select the file that has “MODEM” in it. Also be sure you select the PIT file you’ve just downloaded.
  5. Now turn off your phone and take out the SIM card and microSD card (if you have one in it).
  6. Then, while it’s turned off, press the volume down key + Home key + ON/OFF key simultaneously until the Download screen appears.
  7. Now connect your phone to the computer with the USB cable.
  8. If it is detected correctly (that may take up to a minute), the first ID:COM box in the top left of Odin should be filled with a COM number. (If this doesn’t happen, make absolutely sure that no Samsung PC Studio files are still running)
  9. Now just click on Start and WAIT until it finishes.
  10. Your phone will reboot when it’s done and you can take advantage of all the goodies that Froyo has to offer.

This should go easily, but as always, keep in mind that things can always go wrong.

If you’re wondering which firmware version to install, it’s actually up to you. JP2 has clearly come after JP1, so if you’re always in search of the latest, you can start there. If you encounter bugs you just can’t live with, you can try flashing JP1 instead and see how that is.

Happy flashing!

We’ve heard before that the official Froyo update for the Samsung Galaxy S could come in September, but if you just can’t wait until then and are willing to live with the risks, you could be using the latest version of Android in no time.

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • hel_sy

    there are too many bugs right now )))

  • Vlad

    Sorry to hear that. This is one for the bleeding edge very-early adopters, no doubt. Anyway there's at least a good chance that more firmware versions will at least be leaked in the future, if not officially launched before September/October. Which is good for those who just can't wait. I know I wouldn't be able to. :)

  • Galaxy fan

    No there aren't. It's pretty stable actually – being playing with the first release since yesterday and the new one since this morning and I'm pretty happy with it overall. Plus it kicks eclairs ass in application speed

  • hel_sy

    I don't know how anybody could be happy with all these bugs:

    For all Galaxy S users make sure you read this.

    Things that you should know about this rom.
    It have bugs!
    - Internet. (stops sometimes)
    - Flash. (no flash)
    - Sometimes the lock info screen doesn't works.
    - No Wireless location

    The rom is good stable but not the fastest one.

    (taken from here:… )

  • Ido

    I think its good that these early releases are out. I'm going to wait until september but no doubt samsung would be following alot of these blogs and forums regarding the firmware in order to find any isues with it and iron it out before september. It would be a disaster for them if the official version came out with bugs.