Lifetime Route 66 navigation now available for the Samsung Wave from 30 euros

Samsung Wave sales are going very well, that much is clear.

And now Samsung has a surprise for all the people who’ve bought the first smartphone to be powered by their all-new Bada operating system.

It’s not quite free navigation like Nokia and Google offer for some of their devices, but it can still be a pretty compelling offer.

You can now get lifetime navigation for 30 euros, powered by Route 66. You also get one-year free speed camera database updates.

The Samsung Wave ships with Route 66 preinstalled, but that’s just a 30-day trial version. Now upgrading it just became a bit more desirable.

30 euros only gets you navigation in one country though. Western or Eastern Europe navigation costs 40 euros and the whole of Europe is 50 euros.

These prices are similar to what the mobile navigation market has been used to from the big mapping providers, albeit they used to give you just one-year licenses for similar amounts.

Therefore, this offer only becomes a good one if you plan to hold on to your Wave for more than a year. Though it may be hard to ignore seeing how easy it is to simply get the extra functionality out of software that is already installed on the handset.

Head to this page from your Wave to get all the details.

Via GSMArena

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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