Google hopes to make $10 billion per year thanks to Android

At the moment, Google may not make too much money from Android, but the Mountain View-based company seems to have big plans for the near future.

Talking to The Wall Street Journal, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt said that the company “is positioning itself to earn $10 billion or more per year in the mobile device business.”

Schmidt says that this would be possible with 1 billion people using Android phones. Money won’t come from Android itself (the OS is free and open source, as you probably already know), but from preinstalled services that are ad-supported (Web search, maps and so on).

At the moment, Google activates around 160,000 Android devices daily – that’s 4.8 million per month, or 57 million per year, so there’s still a very long way until there will be 1 billion Android users around the world. If ever.

Sure enough, Google could make only a few billions per year from Android and it would still be happy. Wouldn’t you?

Author: Florin

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