New BlackBerry Bold 9780 with OS 6 caught on video

It’s not only the BlackBerry 9800, BlackBerry 9670 and BlackBerry 9300 that will be announced by RIM soon. The Canadian company will also unveil the BlackBerry Bold 9780.

Driphter has a 5-minute video preview of the 9780 (GSM version), showing it to run the new BlackBerry OS 6 – which obviously looks better than the previous versions of the platform.

Apart from the refreshed OS (which includes a new WebKit browser), there aren’t many differences between the Bold 9780 and the older model (Bold 9700), although the new smartphone has a “sharp black bezel” around it. There’s no word on when the 9780 will be available, so for now let’s just watch the video preview.

For those owning a Bold 9700: RIM may want to update it to OS 6 later this year (we have nothing confirmed for now though).

In the meantime, let’s wait for August 3 to come – when AT&T and RIM should announce the 9800 slider, possibly the first BlackBerry to run OS 6.

Via Phone Arena

Author: Florin

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