Nokia N8 officially on pre-order in Italy (for €469), should arrive in September

If you were hoping to buy the Nokia N8 at the initially announced retail price (€370), it looks like you won’t be able to do it anytime soon.

Nokia Italy’s official website now has the N8 on pre-order for no less than €469 (about $609). Why is that? Well, the €370 price that Nokia initially announced was “before taxes”, and the price listed now by Nokia Italy includes VAT (20%).

Of course, €370 plus 20% is not €469, it’s €444, but I guess Nokia wants to charge more those who want to get the N8 sooner – the company says the Symbian^3 handset will arrive in Italy in late September.

I assume September is the month when the N8 will be available in other European markets as well. The best deal you can make if you want an N8 is probably getting it on contract – there will surely be lots of carriers to offer it for free on select plans.

Author: Florin

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