Samsung UK: official Froyo update for the Galaxy S will come by the end of September

Just yesterday the first builds of Froyo for the international Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) have leaked. And they’ve even been joined in the mean time by a new one (the flashing procedure remains the same, as described here).

Also, recently we’ve heard that the Korean version of the Galaxy S, the M110S, will get the official update to Froyo in early August, and that, in France, the Galaxy S will get Google’s latest and greatest mobile operating system in September.

Samsung UK have now stepped up and tweeted that September is indeed the month, at least for European Galaxy S updates. Near the end of September is when they expect to push the new OS version to their flagship smartphone’s users.

Interestingly, they say the update will be out then for all networks, which means that operator-customized versions of the phone won’t lag behind those sold unlocked and unbranded.

Pretty good news for those who bought their devices from one of the UK operators.

So there you have it. If you don’t want to install the leaked builds, you’ve got to wait another two months for all the Froyo goodies.

Via AndroidCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • N56789

    So, with all the news of upgraded software for smartphones, like an updated OS or Browser update for your desktop, the experience enhances your phones abilities to render it futureproof.

    If that's the case, the future is going to be very dull and boring. All i'm reading on mobile websites now is how the 1 year old HTC Hero will get Android 2.2, Droid will get 2.2, Galaxy S will get 2.2, Evo will get Froyo tomorrow and how 9 month old phones will reach parts of the world. Seriously, this isn't news anymore, this is just bullshit. I have no interest in Android, it doesn't appeal to me visually or functionally and unfortunately we have to have it crammed down our throats everyday like the iphone4, another pointless piece of hardware who can't even make calls.

    To contradict myself too, isn't future proofing old models just making newer models that come out already obsolete, and then you find you can only upgrade to the latest OS about 6 months later. This is looking like such a boring future, the smartphone industry is getting too PC/Desktop like, there's no new innovation in the tech, it's just tweaking the OS. Long gone are the days when adding a camera and bettering it's performance through each insinuation along with new features such as video recording, now considrered the norm. The problem is, no one's actually making an effort to create a fresh idea, such as holographic technology, dual touchscreen technology giving you the option of going touchscreen or physical with the keyboard (yes, thre have been recent tests from Sharp, but each company is getting too lazy with implementing the tech, especially with the profits they are making anually). It's sad, but concepts presented 10 years ago have a much better vision tham the piss poor excuses we are exposed to now, and the media unbelievably still consider SMS Text Messaging as a new technology when it's been around since the pager. The problem is that society as a whole isn't ready to accept technological changes, they are still used to using old pieces of junk going with the ''older is better'' scenario, whilst geeks are intersted in hacking and tweeting OS's to improve performance of the browser or as such. Not the exciting future we dreamt of, so dull and lacking. This is all this site and many other 'tech' blogs has become now, news of OS updates for Android handsets and how much each handste is with each carrier, what country the are coming to. Newsflash to the greedy corporate companies, this isn't news, this is OLD news, stop milking BS from the past and show some goddamn innovation and being philistines and technophobes, blaming the advancement of tech on a financial crisis caused by the Liberal wet Leftist media who want to see the destruction of capitalism and who do not embrace change (luddites) . What Microsoft are doing with Project Natal, Interaction with a VR Character, 3D implmentation and the vaporware Courier concept along with thier recent showing of thier version of Streetview is what we should be aspiring to. Not crap that looks like it beongs in 2004/5 and phones whose desings are undescript clutter with no thought put into them whatsoever. Yes, there are flaws with Windows Phone 7, but for appeal, that shits over IOS4 and the incredibly tacky looking android interface, fit for 2006 purproses. They claim we are living in a digital age, I beg to differ, aside from facebook/twitter, we had these innovations 10 MOTHERUCKING Years ago, only some cleverclogs created Facebook and Youtube/Twitter, the fact is that these concepts are not new and are based on the Internet, itself having been around for a while. As a tech enthusiast, feel we have not progressed at all, we are exactly as we were 10 years ago with the exception of bluetooh/wi-fi and faster broadband speeds. The pace of tech has been far too slow, especially in the smartphone industry. We saw a boom from 2003-7, but after that all innovation just ceased and now all we get is rehash after rehash. Utterly disappointing.

  • Grantbutlers

    beware – Samsung have a 100% record of NOT updating Android versions once they have sold the phone. Buy this at 2.1 and that will be what you are stuck with.