Sprint HTC EVO 4G to get Froyo starting tomorrow

A while back we heard that the HTC EVO 4G would get Froyo “soon”.

And now it looks like that moment is nearly upon us. Sprint’s HTC EVO 4G will apparently get some Android 2.2 Froyo love starting tomorrow.

Well, some lucky EVO owners will be part of an initial test rollout tomorrow.

And next week is when the update will start to trickle down to all those who have Sprint’s premier Android smartphone.

This isn’t just an update of the operating system. Sprint and HTC have made it a pretty big deal, with updated functionality across the board.

Highlights include many new widgets, a flashlight mode for the camera’s LED, light-assisted video recording, general improvements to video recording quality, a new UI for the FM radio app and a quick language key switch on the keyboard.

Here’s the full list of changes and enhancements:

The official announcement regarding this “high priority for competitive reasons” update should come on Friday morning.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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