RIM’s Blackpad tablet will come in November

It’s BlackBerry tablet rumor time again.

We’ve heard some specs, then some more, and now we’ve even got a name and possible release month.

It will be called Blackpad. RIM have recently registered Blackpad.com, which makes sense.

The screen size will be similar to that of the iPad.

It will have WiFi and Bluetooth, but not mobile data. Which is a big differentiating factor, as the iPad has versions with mobile data.

You will be able to pair the Blackpad with a BlackBerry smartphone via Bluetooth and use the phone’s data connection should you find yourself in an area without any WiFi. Whether you’ll be able to do this with a non-BlackBerry smartphone is unclear.

Pricing will be in line with that of the iPad, which starts at $499. RIM seems to be focused on the profit opportunities in the tablet space, rather than selling very high volumes by reducing prices compared to the competition.

Previously leaked specs weren’t confirmed this time around, except for the two cameras. RIM seem to be intent on marketing this device at least in part as a business video-conferencing tool, and for their core market (which isn’t consumers), that sounds very good indeed.

Launch of the Blackpad will take place in November, which positions it nicely for the holiday shopping season. How it will do against the iPad remains to be seen.

Via Bloomberg

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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