Samsung open sources AT&T Captivate code, custom ROMs sure to follow

Samsung have already released the code for the international version of the Galaxy S, the i9000. And today the code for AT&T’s version of the smartphone, the i897 Captivate, has also been made available.

Open sourcing the full code for a handset is a very important step in Android development. Without access to these, independent developers can’t do much customizations for an Android powered phone, because the all-important drivers are nowhere to be found, and so have to be reverse engineered. And that’s an almost impossible feat.

With these releases, the drivers become open source too, so eager modders/hackers/tinkerers can get to work and do their magic. The scarcity of custom ROMs for the Captivate up until today will surely become just a memory very soon.

If you’d like to take a peek inside Samsung’s open source releases, head to their dedicated site.

Otherwise, just wait and check your favorite Android development/modding/hacking forum for results in a few days.

Via BriefMobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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