HTC Ace to be called Desire HD, HTC Vision will be Desire Z

Two of the upcoming Android smartphones from HTC have codenames that we’ve heard many times before, the HTC Ace and HTC Vision keep popping up in one instance or another.

Now a leak from an inventory system over at Vodafone D2 Germany brings us the official names that these devices will have once they launch.

The HTC Ace will be the Desire HD, as we’ve heard before.

The HTC Vision will be sold as the Desire Z.

Desire HD sounds fine enough, but Desire Z… I don’t know. Perhaps it could end up being DesireZ or something like that though. We’ll have to see.

Apparently the HTC Desire HD should have a similar aluminum unibody design to the Legend, and borrow features from both the Desire and the HD2.

Via BestBoyz Via AndroidCentral

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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