Motorola Sage MB508 with Android, QWERTY keyboard shows up. Headed to AT&T?

Take the Motorola BackFlip and change its flipping keyboard with a normal, sliding one – what would you get? Probably something similar to the Motorola Sage MB508.

The Sage MB508 is not officially announced, but we’ve found a photo of it chillin’ at the Bluetooth SIG, alongside some details on its features.

Motorola Sage MB508 is presented as a “simple QWERTY device with an approachable appearance that helps you save time by merging both your personal and professional lives with an integrated calendar and integrated in-box for email/messages/Social Network updates.”

Like the BackFlip, the Sage has a 3.1 inch touchscreen display (probably with 320 x 480 pixels). There’s no image of the smartphone with its keyboard out, but we know for sure that it’s a sliding one. And it seems to run Android 2.1. The phone, not the keyboard.

Earlier this week, Engadget has discovered that a Motorola Sage is likely coming to AT&T, featuring Wi-Fi, A-GPS, digital compass and Bluetooth. Is this our MB508? Yes, it most probably is – because, although the Bluetooth SIG doesn’t specifically say the MB508 is called Sage, the photo they’re providing is named Sage.jpg.

So, dear AT&T and Motorola, have you got anything to jointly announce in the near future?

Author: Florin

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  • Brentwood

    Yawn, another non-descript vanilla bore that is the Android empire. And don't think I'm an Iphone fanboy, cause as far as I'm concerned, they all look the same to me. Boring, next generation please, circa 2018