Motorola Milestone will get Android 2.2 in September

Motorola isn’t undecided about upgrading the Milestone to Froyo anymore.

Which is very good news if you’re a Milestone owner.

According to the official Twitter account of O2 Germany, the GSM version of the Droid will also get Android 2.2, and the update will happen in mid to late September.

The tweet in question is in German, but understanding it isn’t that hard really.

Google Translate says this means:

O2 Froyo Current Weather: Desire middle / end of August, Galaxy S mid-September, Milestone [!] Middle / end of September, Flipout & X10 tbd

If you ignore the whole “current weather” thing (Google Translate always knows how to make you smile), it’s all pretty obvious.

There are other ways to get the latest version of Google’s mobile OS on to your Milestone, but if you prefer the manufacturer-sanctioned variety, you’ve only got a little more than a month to wait.

Via EuroDroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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