New Meego UI video. More rumors about Nokia N8

There have been some interesting developments in Nokia land these past few days.

Let’s start with the newest and  most interesting to me.

A video captured from the PC emulator and showcasing some of the new Nokia Meego for smartphones interface features, like desktop widgets, integrated/social phonebook, App store access and  music player, has been posted on Youtube few hours ago.

And, I must say, so far so good. Actually, for a moderately early development stages, it looks very impressive. Take a look for yourself:

Also,  some new things about the upcoming Nokia N8 flagship leaked to the net too. Most of them come from Eldar Murtazin/Mobile-review, but some other sources chimed in too.

Let’s start with the bad news. The launch of Nokia N8 that many of us have been expecting for the end of August, seems to have been postponed by about a month – to the end of September. I heard this particular rumor from two independent people, both of whom usually know what they are talking about.

Having said that, there are indications that some parts of the world may get an early access to Nokia N8. Some pretty well connected people in India say that they have it directly form Nokia India office, that Nokia N8 will get to India ahead of Europe, and will launch there in the first week of September. And, there’s also Nokia N8 launch party planned for Sept. 16th, right after Nokia World,  in France.

So what does it all mean? It looks like Nokia N8 launch is shaping up to be somewhat similar to N900. With some select influencers/Nokia enthusiasts getting their hands on N8 early. Then there’s a limited launch in select markets in limited quantities at the end of September, following with a wider availability a few weeks later.

That’s for the bad news. Now to the good news. One of the parts of Nokia N8 that people were not happy with in the early previews – was the Internet browser. It looked downright lame compared to the browser Nokia already had in N900, wasn’t much of the improvement over S60.5 browser, and looked worse then the current competition. Well, it seems that things may improve here. Eldar says that Nokia is hard at work on a new version of Internet browser for S^3 handsets. Their goal is to have it ready to ship with N8, but if they don’t make it until then, the new browser will come with N8 firmware update in October/November.

And another bit of good news for N8  is about video codecs. There was a slip of tongue by someone at Nokia France few weeks ago, promising native Divx playback on Nokia N8. But that was quickly denied by Nokia themselves. Now it seems that Nokia has changed it’s mind and licensed a bunch of additional video codecs, including DivX, and N8 will ship with them. So, if these rumors pan out, torrenters/downloaders rejoice – you should be able to play your movie files on your Nokia N8 out of the box, without the need of cumbersome conversions, or third party players, which will become available on S^3 god knows when…

Author: Julien

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