Samsung Press Event on August 11, Could be Galaxy Tab?

It’s no secret now that Samsung has a 7″ Android tablet in the works currently named the Galaxy Tab. The Tab specs have been uncovered for quite some time now, and last week the actual tablet itself was pictured in the wild and in a very non-chalant way. Today we got word of Samsung’s invitation to the press for a special event on August 11, which very likely could be for the Galaxy Tab.

While the invite itself doesn’t say for sure (and why would it? That would spoil the surprise, after all), we just have a hard time believing this kind of pomp and circumstance would be given to some random TV or media player. My money’s on the Tab, especially with rumors swirling all over about Microsoft, LG, HP and other companies prepping a tablet version of their own. I believe Samsung wants to be the first major player to compete with Apple’s iPad, and get a leg up on its potential competition.

(Image courtesy CrunchGear)

Reuters published a report yesterday that indicates Samsung is aiming to release the Tab in Q3, which further solidifies my belief that this will be the new product unveiled August 11. It would be rather good timing, after all.

So if this really is the Galaxy Tab announcement, when do you think it will be released? While the holiday season would be the logical choice (and this would give the Tab plenty of time to get hyped up for the holidays), Samsung may also be seeing the other major players ready to launch a tablet for the holidays as well. By releasing it earlier, say September or October, the Galaxy Tab will at least have a month or two on the market before everyone else shows up to the party.

Via CrunchGear

Author: Brad Molen

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  • Samsunguy

    I think the press event will be about metro pcs's new let 4g phone.