Windows Phone 7 to be launched in October in Europe, November in the US?

As the fourth quarter of the year comes closer, we’re finding out more and more details about Windows Phone 7.

The latest piece of news is that Microsoft’s new mobile platform will “likely” be launched in Europe first (October), and then in the US (November).

This isn’t a rumor coming out of nowhere, but something that Microsoft’s COO (Kevin Turner) has recently said. Engadget has it all on video:

The Redmond company has repeatedly declared that WP7 would be out in time for the holiday season, so it looks like it’s keeping its promise.

In the US, AT&T will be “the premier WP7 carrier”, while in carriers like Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile will be ready to spread the Windows (mobile) love in Europe. Samsung, LG, HTC, Dell and Asus are the companies that will have WP7 devices on day one.

Author: Florin

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