Details emerge about the next-gen iPhone and a smaller iPad

It might be hard to believe, but only a little more than one month has passed since the iPhone 4 was released. The iPad has only been available for a few months at this point.

Yet the rumors have started about Apple’s next moves in the smartphone and tablet spaces.

The iPhone 5 may come in early 2011, its release will reportedly be pushed to January (as opposed to the usual June release cycle for the all the past iPhones) as a result of the whole ‘Antennagate‘ debacle. It’s unclear at this point if what will launch in January of 2011 will just be a repackaged iPhone 4 without any reception issues, or a more substantial hardware upgrade.

Also, a smaller, 7-inch screened version of the iPad is reportedly ready and due for release either later this year or in early 2011.

Apparently Apple has been prototyping devices with 7″ screens since even before the first iPhone. Why they’ve then decided to release the 9.7″ version of the iPad first is not known.

As is always the case with Apple-related rumors, please take this with a substantial pinch of salt. Clearly, as time goes by, more and more rumors regarding future Apple mobile products will emerge, and most may turn out not to be true.

In this specific case, I would say that the smaller iPad seems plausible enough, while pushing the iPhone release date that far back, for the first time since Apple got into the smartphone business, seems less likely. Not impossible though, as Apple have clearly felt more heat for the antenna problems of the iPhone 4 than they were expecting.

This doesn’t seem to have impacted sales in a big way yet, but perhaps it may do so in the future.

In any case, we’ll keep you informed.

Via iLounge

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Hhgfuytf

    you are clearly not native english. too much mot a mot translations….

  • Theo

    You are clearly a retard. Posting that comment was silly, and posting a comment regarding bad English while using bad English is, ironically, more sillier (see the irony).

  • ipad application development

    That would be rather logical of Apple to launch the next version of iPhone sooner than usually, just to let people forget about all these scandals with anntenna and other issues. What concerns the smaller iPad, I just don't know who will buy it. I think the first iPad has a perfect size for a tablet, and if they create a smaller one, people will say “it's just a bigger iPod Touch” etc. again.