New Nokia N8 clone runs Android 2.1

It’s not the first time we’re seeing a Nokia N8 clone, but this new clone is special: it runs Android 2.1 (and I guess there are a few users out there that would have wished the real N8 to run Android, not Symbian^3).

Called iZiNN CJ-3, the Nokia N8 wannabe is made in China (where else?) and is based on a chip from Rockchip – which seems to power lots of  Android tablets coming out of China.

The handset has a 3.5 inch display (apparently WVGA), 5MP camera, and even an HDMI port – like the N8 made by Nokia. Check out the photos below:

The iZiNN CJ-3 will be available starting this month, so if you’re somewhere in China you might be able to buy it before the real N8 comes out. Its price is not known at the moment.

Via MobileUncleCloned in China

Author: Florin

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