iOS Devices on 4G? Clear’s iSpot is to Thank

While there are countless WiFi hotspot hubs available on market today, only a few of them offer 4G speeds and only one of those are made specifically for devices running Apple’s iOS — in other words, iPhones, iPod Touches, and iPads. And it’s cleverly called the iSpot.

The concept is simple: iSpot is a portable WiFi hotspot, capable of relaying 4G (or 3G, if 4G isn’t available in your area) speeds to a maximum of 8 different devices at one time. The catch is that the only devices that can be recognized are Apple-branded. Doing it this way makes it possible for you to get lower monthly data costs than the standard WiFi hotspot offers. The iSpot will give unlimited data (big news for any AT&T customers who missed out on getting on unlimited data plans after it was too late)  for just $25, and there’s no contract so you can cancel out at any time.

So do you yearn for faster internet speeds on your iPhone? Perhaps it’s worth checking out the iSpot then. Currently the iSpot is on sale for $29 as a limited time offer, but will go back up to regular cost at $99 as of August 10 when it becomes available at major retailers. So this is definitely something you don’t want to procrastinate on. For more information check out Clear’s website (link below).

via Clear

Author: Brad Molen

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