Vodafone’s HTC Desire gets updated: not with Froyo, but with 360 services (in the UK and Netherlands)

Although Android 2.2 Froyo updates for the HTC Desire should have started since the end of July, Vodafone UK and Vodafone Netherlands are still not offering the long-awaited update to their Desire customers.

They did update the smartphone recently, though, but with something that you may not even need: 360 services (360 is Vodafone’s own-branded suite of internet services, apps and widgets).

At the moment, Vodafone says it’s “still working on the Android 2.2 update with HTC and Google and is planning to release it as soon as possible.”

If you want an HTC Desire that surely runs Android 2.2, the best thing you can do is go to China and get one from there – like the Wildfire, the Desire is being sold with Froyo onboard to Chinese customers. Of course, this is not a serious piece of advice. Unlocked Desires have already got the 2.2 update in Europe, so Vodafonized Desires should get it really soon, too.

Via Vodafone UK, Tweakers.net

Author: Florin

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  • N56789

    Yaawwwwnnn, another boring android article, updates to froyo, seriously, gave up on the mobile tech world ever since the original Droid and HD2 came out, NOTHING exciting has been produced with the exception of the Galaxy S. The sad state of affairs in the mobile world is now dominated by mundane boring Mobile OS updates every 3-6 months with little to no new exciting hardware released and when it does, it's obsolete thanks to the software upgrades.

  • Oliver

    This update not only affected UK and Netherlands. I've been looking around. Spain, Germany, Switzerland, France, UK, Netherlands. Vodafone really messed up huge.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Krzysztof-Pastwa/659091043 Krzysztof Pastwa

    Cannot see my post, so sorry if it's a duplicate… But I have just received Froyo update on my HTC Desire on Vodafone in the UK yesterday (09/08/2010) – more info on my site: http://www.iwritecodemotherfucker.co.uk