RIM’s Blackpad tablet priced: $499?

RIM’s mysterious tablet – possibly called Blackpad – will cost $499 without contract. At least that’s what DigiTimes says, quoting a Chinese language newspaper (and mentioning Android in the article, but that’s gotta be a mistake, since the Blackpad will run BlackBerry OS 6).

Reportedly manufactured by Taiwan-based Quanta (which also makes hardware for Apple, Dell and Acer, among others), Research in Motion’s first tablet “will be launched in November 2010” – yeah, we’ve heard that before.

The Chinese source also says RIM and Quanta plan to ship 2 million Blackpads by the end of 2010, and 8 million in 2011.

$499 is also the no contract price of Apple’s iPad (the non-3G 16GB version). RIM certainly wants its Blackpad to steal some iPad customers – and it can do it, especially if the tablet will have, as rumored, Wi-Fi and 2 cameras (one for taking photos and one for video-calling). Apple’s iPad has no cameras at all, as you probably already know.

Now let’s wait for RIM to officially announce its tablet and confirm or unconfirm the details above.

Author: Florin

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