T-Mobile Motorola Charm will cost $189.99

The Motorola Charm for T-Mobile was announced not long ago. It’s a squareish candybar with a touchscreen, a vertical QWERTY keyboard and a trackpad on its back. And it runs Android.

It does, undoubtedly, easily differentiate itself in the Android world currently suffocated by enormous full-touchscreen slabs and is a natural fit for heavy texters and/or emailers.

There’s still no clear release date known for this device, yet previous rumors had that at August 25th. However, demo units have turned up in T-Mobile stores and the stands which hold them have the only other information that was missing till now: its price.

The Charm will set you back $189.99 (after a mail-in rebate) with a $15.50 monthly plan, or $309.99 if you don’t want to sign a service agreement.

Now the upfront price is steeper than it should be, no matter how you look at it. For just $10 more you can get basically any of the top smartphones currently available, from iPhones to Droids to Samsung’s countless Galaxy S versions.

But that $15.50 is a far cry from any of the aforementioned smartphones’ minimum monthly costs, so do keep that in mind. There’s sadly no word yet on what exactly the Charm’s plan includes, but details will surely emerge before its official availability starts.

Via iWebandroid Via DroidDog

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Time for a backflip

    It's iWebadroid, not iWebandroid.

  • Caratbox

    Stop spreading misinformation and do some research. This is your job not a hobby, right? Anyway, the $15.50 plan is not a service plan but an equipment installment payment plan over 20 months to purchasethe phone outright for a total of $310. The phone is comprable to most highend android devicea save the physical format of screen over keyboard as opposed to fullscreen. It will do well.