LG streamlines its portfolio, boosts smartphone target to 6 million, 70% of them Android-powered

LG’s mobile division hasn’t been doing well lately. They lost money in Q2 and have almost no visible smartphones on the market.

That may all change in the coming months though. A senior LG executive who wishes to remain anonymous said earlier today that their target for 2010 is to sell 6 million smartphones.

LG are reportedly also starting to trim the number of phone models they sell all the way down to 70, from last year’s 145.

They plan to release 20 smartphones this year, of which 15 will run Android and 5 will run Windows Phone 7 or Windows Mobile. 4.2 million of those projected 6 million smartphones sold would apparently be powered by Android, and the remaining 1.8 million by Microsoft’s mobile operating systems.

LG clearly hopes that betting almost everything on smartphones will help it reach profitability again, unlike their current and past reliance on featurephones which are hardly profit-bringing for the Korean giant.

The unnamed executive also said that LG has been in talks with major carriers in the United States and Europe to boost shipments of the Optimus series, and as an effect of that strategy, the Optimus One Android smartphone will be released on 120 carriers worldwide (so they can boast that they’ve beaten Samsung’s 110 countries for the Galaxy S, presumably).

LG still have time to turn their numbers around this year, but only if they move fast and flood the market with those smartphones before the holiday shopping season starts.

Via The Korea Times

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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