Leaked manual shows that the Nokia 5250 might be the cheapest Symbian^1 device yet

You gotta hand it to Nokia. They may not be at the top of everyone’s high-end wishlist right now, but they sure know how to produce cheap, mass-market touchscreen phones.

It all started with the 5800, which brought a solid feature set alongside a touchscreen to the midrange. Then the 5530 and, most notably, the 5230 brought the minimum touchscreen smartphone price even lower.

However, in the mean time, some interesting Android-powered competitors such as the ZTE Racer have started to pop up.

Nokia’s answer may be the recently leaked 5250. This phone hasn’t been officially announced yet, but that moment seems very close now that its manual is available on Nokia’s servers.

Hidden inside are details of a very, very basic smartphone, that lacks WiFi, 3G and GPS. GPRS and EDGE are the most exciting keywords here, so you’d expect the price to go lower than €100. Well, if they want it to sell, that is.

The 5250 features a fixed-focus 2 MP camera with no flash and a resistive touchscreen that may be 2.9″ like that in the 5530. There’s also a 3.5mm headset jack, a microSD card slot, a stylus and dedicated multimedia key.

The 5250 borrows a couple of design elements from the X6, but no one will be fooled into thinking this is an expensive device.

However basic, it may do the job just fine for millions of people, if that all important aspect of pricing is just right. We’ll see.

You can download the English manual for the 5250 here (PDF link).

Via MobileBulgaria

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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