Nokia N8 now on pre-order in Germany and France: €479, €459

On pre-order in Italy since last month, the Nokia N8 is now also on pre-order in Germany, where Nokia offers the new Symbian^3 smartphone for a price that’s higher than the one seen in Italy: €479.

That’s also €109 higher than the N8’s initial price announced by Nokia: €370. Of course, taxes are, in part, to blame.

Unlike Nokia Italy, which says the N8 will be out in September, Nokia Germany doesn’t say when customers should expect to receive the handset.

Anyway, I think September is the month when the N8 will be available in most European countries.

Update: the Nokia N8 is also on pre-order in France, where it costs €459. So it looks like, for the beginning at least, you won’t be able to get a new N8 in Europe without paying at least €450 for it.

Update 2: in Poland, the N8 is priced at 1,999 PLN – about €502 at today’s exchange rate.

Author: Florin

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  • Lucian Armasu

    How is this a high to mid end phone like they said? It's more expensive than most high end Android phones out there.

  • tabletowo
  • Monow

    445 EUR on!!! read the tweets from your followers ;)

  • Pinho47

    About N8.
    Nokia failed with the customers.
    The several months that only offer marketing to customers is a serious lack of respect to customers.