Vodafone PAYG iPhone 4 to come with 12 months of free data

Vodafone have announced their pay as you go pricing for the iPhone 4.

Buying an iPhone 4 on PAYG from the big red will set you back £480 for the 16 GB model and £570 for the 32 GB model. These prices are lower than what you get if you want to buy SIM free directly from Apple, but not by much. You only save £19 or £29, respectively.

However, that’s not the point here. The most interesting bit about Vodafone’s announcement is that if you opt for their PAYG iPhone, you’ll get 250MB of data per month, for a full year, for free. On top of that you’ll also get 1GB of monthly data on BT’s OpenZone WiFi hotspots, also for a year.

The even better news is that there’s no minimum required top-up to take advantage of this offer. You just buy the iPhone and you’re set. And while 250 MB may not be very much, it’s still free.

This is probably the best contract-less offer for the iPhone 4 in the UK right now. We’ll have to see how or if Vodafone’s competitors will react.

Via T3

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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