Motorola Droid X custom recovery image booted, custom ROMs on the way

Well, well, well.

Motorola may try to do whatever it takes to prevent you from loading custom ROMs on their latest and greatest Android devices such as the Droid X, but no matter what they do, a hacker will find a way, it seems.

The Motorola Droid X and the upcoming Droid 2 have locked bootloaders, and they may or may not brick themselves if you attempt to run custom ROMs. That was the theory before.

Not long ago, the Droid X has been rooted.

And big news comes today, when an enterprising hacker has, in spite of the locked bootloader, managed to boot a custom recovery image onto the Droid X.

This is in no way usable by mere mortals just yet, since it won’t boot Android after the custom recovery has been applied. But people are hard at work on this, and if they succeed in booting Android from within a custom recovery, they’ll shift their focus to making it stable at first, and then they will start investigating how to create and load custom ROMs on the Droid X. And it may just be a matter of weeks, or perhaps even days, before the first custom ROMs for the Droid X start to pop up.

That’s definitely not certain at this point, and the process isn’t as simple as it sounds, but things are starting to look better if you’re a tinkerer that somehow purchased a Droid X without knowledge of Motorola’s adversity towards modding their Android devices.

Via AllDroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • Dbillett1

    Power to the people!

    This is where Motorola and Verizon are missing the boat. They should be supporting this movement. Take a look at what the “Tuner” market has become in the autoworld. The more customizable a car is, the more highly sought after and the better selling it becomes. The same will be true of smart phones. People like creating a unique phone that reflects who they are but also suits their needs.

    Verizon and phone manufacturer's should find a way to work with modders to support this movement. It is contrary to everything that Apple's iOS and their draconian rules stand for, and that is why people have flocked in droves to the Android system.

  • Mjohnk11

    Yes, but then Verizon and Motorola lose millions of dollars in preloaded content that tends to make phones cheaper (along with the contract). Not to mention that if they start supporting mods and custom operating systems and something goes wrong like a virus or the phone becomes unusable because of poorly written code, Verizon and Motorola will be the target of the blame. Imagine a couple hundred or thousand phones go bad because of an outside party, that brings a lot of bad press to the phone and to the companies. It's kind of like how you still have liability for what other people do on your property. Somebody trips and drowns in your lake? Doesn't matter that they were trespassing, if there were no signs and nothing to stop them its your fault for not putting those safety precautions up.