Sprint does Samsung Epic 4G vs. HTC Evo 4G video comparison

Sprint is gearing up to launch the Samsung Epic 4G, their version of the Galaxy S, which, unlike any of its brethren, sports a side-sliding full QWERTY keyboard. An exact release date is still anyone’s guess, with the most recent rumors pointing towards August 21st.

In the mean time, Sprint have released a promo video last month, and now a video comparison between the Epic 4G and the HTC Evo 4G, the other high-end Android smartphone in their lineup.

The Super AMOLED display, the QWERTY keyboard, the preinstalled Swype touchscreen input system, the Asphalt 5 demo, an on-device video store and the DLNA capabilities are the main things that set the Epic 4G apart from its competition in Sprint’s view.

See for yourself:

Now if it was only available already… Anyway, I can’t see Sprint delaying this release into September, so it will probably come this month. Just a little more patience is required.

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Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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  • http://twitter.com/thecolor thecolor

    why can't some people be at least on par with their own tech, if not ahead of it?! I know, I know… that's asking allot.

    The EVO is also DLNA capable. OMG Sprint, really. Do you not know your own devices?
    I use my EVO via DLNA daily ('cause I don't want to pay for a cable to hook it up to my Samsung via HDMI). Sheesh!

    Looks like the only selling points here now are a sliding keyboard (dosn't that typically make it thicker?) and I suppose the smaller AMOLED screen.

    The software I'm using to connect via DLNA is the TwonkyServer

    There are others out there.

  • Eon

    @”thecolor”:WTH the biggest complaint on all the android EVO user boards that it is not DNLA . They are unanimous and out of thousands of users you have to be the only one saying it is compliant. Why don't you go to android central's EVO forums and post your super secret DNLA workaround — or better yet stop lying.

    The Epic has a significantly superior GPU, a superior CPU (combined making it able to ahdnle double the bitrate) , about 20% longer battery life (due to the AMOLED and more efficient cpu) , a brighter better screen by every single comparison — and the same resolution. The EVO with .4″ larger screen is just stretching resolution on that big screen to the point it makes it visibly pixilated. You realize your evo screen is bigger than iphone but has half the pixels (half!)?

    By the way TWONKY will work with any phone outputting any video, that doesn't make it dnla which is much much more useful.