T-Mobile Project Emerald: HTC Desire HD to be sold as MyTouch HD and HTC Vision as G1 Blaze?

We’ve heard a little bit about T-Mobile’s elusive Project Emerald before. Details were scarce back then, but today we may have more information. It looks like it definitely won’t be a reboot of the Sidekick brand, but it is connected to the previously rumored HTC Desire HD and HTC Desire Z, also known by their codenames HTC Ace and HTC Vision.

Apparently, Project Emerald will consist of the launch of the aforementioned smartphones. The Desire HD will be sold by T-Mobile as the MyTouch HD and the QWERTY-keyboard touting Vision will be named G1 Blaze, as was leaked before.

These will both be HSPA+ handsets, which will do well for T-Mobile in its competition with Sprint’s “4G” WiMax services and Verizon’s upcoming LTE data network.

The launch will be secret, and one of the devices will be released on September 22nd, the other on September 29th. These dates are apparently blacked out in on the TMo calendar, further confirming the secrecy of the events. Each T-Mobile store will have an Android specialist ready to coordinate these launches, so you know they will be important.

Since these allegations all come from a single source, they may turn out not to be true. But, as is always the case with rumors, even if not everything we learned today is 100% accurate, you can expect there to be some seed of truth in there somewhere.

And one way or the other, we will find out before the end of September, as judging from the way the mobile industry works, more leaks are clearly on the way.

Via Phandroid

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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