N92 – CDMA iPhone 4 headed to Verizon this January?

It’s time for another Verizon/CDMA iPhone rumor round.

As I promised you earlier, this particular rumor fest will only get louder this fall. It’s because this time, contrary to the wishful thinking of prior years, the release of AT&T free iPhone by early next year seems imminent.

Today the confirmation of CDMA iPhone news bit comes from one of the best informed Apple watcher’s – Daring Fireball John Gruber. According to him, CDMA iPhone 4, dubbed project N92 is:

… certainly not in production yet, and hasn’t reached DVT status (device verification test — like Gray Powell’s infamous stolen unit), but it is, a few little birdies claim, at EVT (engineering verification test). That’s one step below DVT, which is one step below production. So it’s right about where you’d think it would be if it were scheduled to go on sale in January. The CDMA iPhone is no longer a cold storage, keep-it-alive-just-in-case-we-need-it project.

Is CDMA iPhone 4 really headed to Verizon? Not necessary. Sprint network is also CDMA based, as are a bunch of cellular networks in other countries.

But if you were Apple, looking for the new avenues for growth in U.S. would you ignore the largest U.S. carrier, and go for No.3 instead? And if you were Verizon, even though you already had an uber successful Android franchise , would you forgo a chance to add millions of subscribers that iPhone 4 on your network can bring?

Thought so.

Author: Julien

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