HTC Mozart (Schubert) with Windows Phone 7 in the wild

HTC Mozart is, alongside the HTC Mondrian, one of the smartphones that’s been confirmed by HTC to run Windows Phone 7.

Surprisingly or not, the Mozart has appeared in some leaked photos at the end of last week, and in even more photos today.

What’s odd is that it looks exactly like the HTC Schubert seen on video not long ago. So these two codenames might designate the same device – or maybe the Schubert and the Mozart are similar on the outside but different on the inside (one of them could be a GSM/HSDPA device, while the other one could be a CDMA/EVDO handset for Verizon or Sprint).

Until more info becomes available, check out the HTC Mozart / Schubert in the photos below (all published by Xmoo on Twitter):

The HTC Mozart could be out as soon as October, although we have to wait for its official announcement to be sure of that.

Via WMPowerUser

Author: Florin

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