Apple iPhone 4 an instant hit in Korea

The South Korean mobile market is quite different from the European and North American ones, but at least one thing is not changed there: Apple’s new iPhone 4 is a hit.

KT, the only South Korean carrier to offer the iPhone 4, said today it has received more than 100,000 reservations for the new handset in the first day of pre-orders.

KT hasn’t announced the exact date when the iPhone 4 will be available – this should happen sometime next month (September) anyway. The carrier is also in talks to introduce the iPad in South Korea, too, but there’s nothing official about this at the moment.

The older iPhone model (3GS), introduced by KT in South Korea in late 2009, was sold in more than 850,000 units in eight months. The iPhone 4 will likely be sold in more units in less time.

Via Yonhap News

Author: Florin

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  • lemon

    Chrome OS tablet? then it will named as Gablet? or ciblet?
    I like Google's Chrome browser, but I really hope Google and Adriod would do some innovation and can bring surprise for users, not follow behind like iPad, iPad now is really a big win, it have many market share, and the iOS have been around with the iPhone, ipad, it's yet fantastic and remarkable, and so many app developers are living on iOS like iFunia, a MAC media converter developer, Apple always can provides for a large number of infestor.

  • SebaNob

    I traveled Tokyo last fall, I surprised that almost 70% + people with a iPod on the subway. iPhone 4 got the big competitors like Samsung and LG in South Korea. Hope iPhone 4 can do better.