Samsung Epic 4G shows up in Sprint stores

Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S, the Epic 4G, is getting closer and closer to being available for everyone to buy.

Devices earmarked for product advocates have started to show up at Sprint retail locations yesterday. Product advocates are those guys that are supposed to know all there is to about a device so they can convince you it’s the right one for your needs. So it makes sense that they’d get actual Epic 4G smartphones to play with a little while before general availability.

So you can be quite sure at this point that your Sprint store does have a Samsung Epic 4G in there somewhere, it’s just not for sale.

And however frustrating that may sound if you’re willing to buy one, remember that this means that you’ll be able to do just that in a very short while.

Retail units should be shipped “within the week”, to be ready for that August 31st release date.

Via Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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