T-Mobile’s first HSPA+ smartphone, the G2, gets a teaser site

T-Mobile are prepping to launch their first HSPA+ capable smartphone. And while they claim that HSPA+ equals “4G speeds”, this is no more 4G than Sprint’s WiMax is. Don’t let the marketing fool you. On the other hand, HSPA+ speeds will be better than HSPA speeds, so any way you want to call it, it’s still a big improvement for T-Mobile customers.

Back to the phone now. It will run Android, it’s pegged to be the G1’s successor, and will apparently “continue the revolution” that the G1 has started.

Is this the previously rumored myTouch HD? Is it the also rumored before G1 Blaze? Or is it an entirely new device we haven’t heard of yet?

The answers to all those questions will surely be obvious in the coming weeks, as T-Mobile release more details about the G2 and/or leaks will start showing up. Either way, this fall will be a very interesting one for smartphone lovers.

Via T-Mobile

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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