BlackBerry Bold R9020 with OS 6 to come in October

Now that RIM has introduced the BlackBerry Torch 9800 and the Curve 3G 9300, it’s probably about time for a refresh of the Bold series.

Meet the BlackBerry Bold R020 – the R020 part is so unlike RIM that I’m thinking the final and official name can’t be this one. Anyway. Those hoping for the new Bold to bring many novelties will probably be disappointed, because there isn’t much that’s changed.

The BlackBerry Bold R020 looks just like the 9700, but it will, of course, run BlackBerry 6 (not that the 9700 won’t be updated to the new OS, too). It will also have a 5MP autofocus camera, and more RAM (512MB), the rest of its features being identical to the features of the old Bold.

October is the month when the BlackBerry Bold R020 should be out. AT&T and T-Mobile will likely launch the smartphone in the US.

Via Boy Genius Report

Author: Florin

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