LG 2010 smartphone plans: Tegra chips, 10 smartphones, 5 million units

LG’s smartphone-related plans are starting to become so confusing that I think that LG themselves may be quite a bit confused.

What’s clear is that their mobile division has been losing money, and they need to change that asap. In doing so, a powerful smartphone range is a must, since they’ve basically relied on featurephones for the past few quarters and that’s taken them nowhere in terms of profits.

Not long ago, we heard that they were planning on selling 6 million smartphones this year, 70% of those sales coming from Android-powered devices. But then they went and said that they expect Windows Phone 7 to outperform Android and it seemed they’d be banking on that.

And now they’re saying that they’ll sell 5 million smartphones, launch 10 new models, all by year’s end. How many of those will be Android-based, how many running Windows Phone 7 is unclear.

One thing is clear, though. LG should start to actually do some of the things it keeps announcing.

As for launching 10 smartphones by December, that’s entirely possible, but for the sales to go as well as LG predict, they would better start releasing said handsets soon.

LG also have a tablet planned, which we already knew, what we didn’t know is that it will apparently be “surprisingly productive”. Whatever that means. It’s clearly an effort to differentiate from the iPad which everyone now regards as a ‘consumption-only’ device. How different LG’s tablet will be remains to be seen. After all, more productive might just mean it will have a video-conferencing camera.

Anyway, LG are also set to release a smartphone with a dual-core Nvidia Tegra CPU, which will be part of LG’s Optimus range. This is big news, since the last phones that used Nvidia’s mobile processor were Microsoft’s failed Kin devices. Oh, the Zune HD also has Tegra, but an older version of it.

So it hasn’t been smooth sailing at all for Nvidia in their mobile efforts, and getting LG on board may just open the doors to other Qualcomm-enamoured manufacturers. And more competition is always good, so we’ll finally be able to see how the Tegra performs against the Snapdragons and Hummingbirds of the world.

Expect LG to keep announcing major milestones in the future. Hopefully they will also deliver at some point.

Via WSJ and Engadget

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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