AT&T’s LG C900 with Windows Phone 7 and QWERTY keyboard leaked

The Samsung Cetus i917 isn’t the only AT&T-bound Windows Phone 7 handset that we’re having the chance to meet today, because the LG C900 has also showed up in some leaked photos.

The C900 has a sliding QWERTY keyboard, but it looks nothing like the LG Panther that we’ve been seeing lately.

Its design reminds e a bit of the Froyo-based LG Optimus One – so who knows, maybe the Optimus series will also include WP7 devices.

The features of the LG C900 are not known, but it’s safe to assume its display is a WVGA one.

LG and AT&T (the “premier Windows Phone 7 carrier” in the US) could launch the C900 in November – when the Samsung Cetus will likely also be introduced. By the way, I couldn’t help noticing that the Cetus looks way better than the C900. Come on, LG, you can do better. And you should, if you want to sell 5 million smartphones by the end of the year.

Via Engadget

Author: Florin

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  • Sammy


  • Diego!

    I do agree. Samsung Cetus looks way better than this one. Also, HTC Schubert, which no ones likes, but to me is one of the nicest WP7 devices that leaked.

    Do you know when LG Panther will be released and if it'll come to the States?

  • Florin

    There's no launch date set for the Panther yet. And chances are that it may never be released – it could be just a prototype that LG is testing WP7 on (that's just what I think, of course).