Google runs out of Nexus One stock for developers

The Google Nexus One is sold out. Again.

How, you ask, when just a month ago we reported it was sold out forever?

Well, that was in Google’s online store. But since then, Google have decided to sell the Nexus One to developers via their Android publishers accounts. This meant that the Nexus One effectively replaced the ancient G1 as the Google Dev Phone.

Anyway, people were apparently very quick to buy one, since Google’s initial stock has been fully sold out. New Nexus Ones are now back-ordered from HTC, who still struggle with AMOLED screen shortages.

There’s no date when they will be available again, so keep watching that Android Developer page. Google is working hard to re-stock the virtual shelves, so patience is required at this point.

Via Google

Author: Vlad Bobleanta

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