Samsung to name its Android tablet “Galaxy Pad”, 7 and 10 inch versions in the making?

Samsung has reportedly decided on the final name its first Android tablet will have: Samsung Galaxy Pad.

However, according to Korean site MK, this name will be used for certain only in South Korea – in other markets, the tablet may be called something else (maybe Galaxy Tab, as rumored until now).

Apparently, Samsung works on two versions of the tablet: a 7 inch one (seen in the photo below) and a 10 inch one.

As previously reported, the tablet will run Android 2.2 Froyo and feature 3G, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3.2MP photo camera, front-facing camera for video calling, and a 1GHz CPU.

The screen resolution is said to be 800 x 480. Now, WVGA may be a decent resolution for a 7-inch display, but for a 10 inch display the pixel density would be too low. So I’m thinking the 10 inch Samsung Android tablet won’t run Froyo, but Gingerbread – since Froyo doesn’t support resolutions higher than WVGA, while Gingerbread apparently will. This could also mean that only the 7 inch tablet will be announced in early September (presumably during IFA in Berlin), while the 10 inch Gingerbread tablet will likely be out next year. Of course, this is pure speculation – we’ll provide updates on the matter as soon as more info becomes available.


Author: Florin

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  • Best Samsung 3D HDTV

    Not very unique but intriguing name for interested customers.

  • Qyon Griffith

    Based on your article, it seems like the 7 inch would be best suited for Froyo and the 10 inch would be for Gingerbread. Do you think that both tablets would get upgraded to Gingerbread regardless? I believe this is a big question for people since Gingerbread will be the main firmware on tablet devices in the future. If consumers know from the get go that Gingerbread 3.0 will be on both devices, I'm sure people will snap them up quickly.

  • Scott Garrison

    I really hope that pic isn't how the Galaxy Tab will look like. It looks awful.