Samsung Galaxy S official firmware update can void your Vodafone warranty

Being a Vodafone customer sometimes sucks. After delaying the Android 2.2 Froyo update for the HTC Desire (the update should finally arrive today), Vodafone UK is now doing another thing that upsets some users.

Talking about a recent Galaxy S firmware update, the carrier says, on its official forum, that “any firmware that hasn’t been released by us does invalidate the warranty directly with Vodafone.”

Said update (JM1) officially comes from Samsung, and yet Vodafone has not approved it, so if you install it on your Galaxy S you’ll lose your warranty with Vodafone.

Of course, your warranty with Samsung will not be affected.

There’s an interesting discussion over at Voda UK’s forum regarding the Galaxy S update and the invalidation of the Vodafone warranty – you can read it here if you’re interested.

Update: Vodafone now says that the JM1 update will actually not invalidate your warranty – see the statement here. Good news, for sure.

Via The Register

Author: Florin

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  • Tricky103

    Hi All, as promised:

    We’ve looked into this issue in more detail and want to clarify the position with regards to downloading the JM1 update for the Samsung Galaxy S.

    Customers who are prompted to download the official JM1 software through the Samsung Kies PC sync software will not invalidate their warranty.

    The prompt for the update is currently being sent to customers who have a handset running the open market version of the software (version I9000XXJF3). These handsets will have come from our initial stock, and were made available to ensure our customers could get the device from us as soon as possible.

    Soon after launch, we started to ship the Samsung Galaxy S with our own variant of the software, including pre-loaded services and settings.

    We’re currently working with Samsung on the Vodafone variant of the JM1 update, and this will be made available to devices running the Vodafone variant of the software (either I9000BUJF5 or I9000BUJG2) through the Kies PC Sync software soon, once testing and approvals have been finalised. We’ll update you on the timescales for this as soon as more information is available.

    How do I check my software version?

    To find out which version of software your device is running, simply type *#1234# into the dialler of your Galaxy S.

  • Tricky103

    This was released about 30 mins ago on the Vodafone forums.